to the person who gave birth to me
to the person 
who gave birth to me stories

angelicHebrews 1:14
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im going to be blunt.

to the person who gave birth to me

im going to be blunt; .

the day you packed your bags, left your keys,

and walked right out of our lives

was the last day i didn't feel queasy whenever i heard your name.

i've tried reasoning, i've tried forgiving you,

i've been kicked out of my own home just so you could have a place to reside

i've tried screaming, burning old memories of us into ash

and hating you for what you've done.

i miss you so much.

i miss it when i didn't feel a knife twist and turn in my chest whenever i heard your laugh

i pray for a day where you come back.

but each day my hopes are getting slimmer and slimmer.

i can't wait for you anymore.

i am going to grow without you,

im going to make it my dying wish

to have lived a life where i didn't hurt people

like you hurt me so.

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