star child sorrow teen lost adult
star child 
sorrow teen 
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i am fine

star child sorrow teen lost adult

I lay in a bed of flowers soaked in blood and cum

The shadows of approval and memories feast on the saltwater that floods the coffin I rest in

The threads that pierce my lip, sewn by our creator stifle

I feel a squeal on my lips but the metal in my heart has already infested it's way to my conscious

A simple match and flame and a water boarded fantasy

I am set alive into the fires of which my wood covered in flies sent me to

I feel the commitments I was promised as young shatter

by a law so fragile

The soft kiss of X and Y coming into my dysphoric entity

Will you ever love me as I

or will I ever be I?

A muscle so broken, damaged from three

Taught to survive in an establishment and not a universe

A vessel of failure and a sparkler of creativity

guided by none and loved by the drought

A misuse of metaphor and a stretch of simile

Star child, sorrow teen, lost adult

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