signs of neglect
signs of neglect stories

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a child, left to her own devices

signs of neglect

the smell of mold as you walk through the rubbage on the floor

touching mom's collectables, which she loved more, and being screamed at

poisoning the rats that resided in our house with laundry detergent for fun

watching in amazement as the roaches that lived in our kitchen ran across the floor as if it were a crosswalk

coming home from grandmas with the house empty and discovering mom and dad are in jail

loving drugs more than your own child

mom leaving

being left home alone without clean clothing or a bed to sleep in

no food in the fridge besides the ones that are deemed "off limits" by your father

hearing the sounds of a straight edge scraping against a plate as he rolls another joint

the door closing as he leaves, again

slitting your wrists because you feel so unloved

dying on a stomach full of half price ramen and diet coke

and without ever, ever feeling cared for

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