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boys will be boys, mother's turn to witches


boys will be boys,

mother's turn to witches

goblins tear out your hearts

and hurt crying kittens

boys play with knives

and scars aren't easy to hide

boys grow to men

the witches come out again

they want things that shine

so they take out your eyes

gold is thicker than blood

and sometimes blood

looks like gold in the water

it isn't fun

living with a narcissistic ......




you'll never know me

the one you birthed and

failed to care for

the little boy you sucked at loving

now all you are is a bitter old broad

and your heart is dried and shriveled up

tangled in wires

the best way to pay you back

for how you raised me

is by

leaving you behind

living life

and sitting back happy as can be

because nobody is there to emotionally batter me

and at night in my dreams i soothe the crying boy in my stomach who just wants to be approved of

by the queen of hearts who tells everyone their value

and then shoots down the ones who she proclaims to be just shadows

my self image isn't what you think of me

the one who made me isn't who she thinks to be

the love i lost was hollow and that made me who i am today

the love i give is worth so much more than anything you could take

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