my skincare routine
my skincare routine skin stories

angelicHebrews 1:14
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one of my special interests is cleancore so....

my skincare routine

gently!!! cleanse wet face w the zumbar facial soap bar rinse with warm water

dip ur finger into the ponds cucumber cleanser, gently rub it into ur face then rinse again

use a washcloth and dampen it with a toner (i dont use any one in particular), remove any remaining makeup and gently pat into skin

once or twice a week, do a sheet mask ! leave on for 15 min then take off and rub the residue into skin

dip finger into olay night cream and gently rub/pat into skin

get a bit of coconut oil on ur hands and rub it into ur skin until its absorbed

before bed a few times a week, drink a glass of lemon water.

thats all i do, and it sounds like it takes a long time but once u get the hang of it it can be done pretty quick.

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