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Letter to Mom

by elliott


I can see

you aren't the mother who drank tea with me in the mornings,

and watched TV with me in the day

Who wore red glasses and a blue coat

& owned every Madonna CD and sang to every sound however loud she pleased.

But, mom,


I'm just a kid,

and I want to be able to grow up and say I love my mother

Not only

for the first 14 years of my life,

but for the rest of it, too.

I want you to see through the wall I've built

to keep you out

I want you to come home

and start things new.

I'll do all the laundry,

I'll teach myself how to cook the food

I'll hug you each day

and I won't run away


I know you're not alright in the head.

but you know things that I need help being taught,

so please don't make me have to learn them all by myself.

I love you

and I miss you

and I don't want to be angry anymore.

So please come home soon,

and let us start something new

once more.


your son.

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