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angelicHebrews 1:14
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when i see a monster other people just see a boy

i saw you today

i saw you today.

you were wearing a suit and tie

and i felt my heart race as i thought to myself,

is this the same man

that hands ran across my thighs like knives

that held my innocence in their hands

as all i could do was stare as they tore it to shreds?

the last time i saw you,

you were growing out your hair

now it's trimmed and gelled

and if someone else saw you walking down the street,

they wouldn't suspect that you were the man

that stole my childhood and ran

so now i sit here in defeat

as i realize

that the man that hurt me,

probably doesn't remember my face

but the way his eyes are blue like ice

and his hair is dirt blonde

like a teddy bear left to rot

will always be there

when i close my eyes

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