hopeless vampires
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a story proposing a dead vampire, burned to ashes into deathly love
By angelic

hopeless vampires

by angelic

Another body bag

it's euphoric for now they're free

the infected have been disposed of

and now they're able

to be thrown into the incinerator

The pierced neck was the fatal call

Now we've got no hope at all

Throw the child's body into a fire

Laugh and cheer as they burn

As their flesh melts into the air we lite our cigarettes from the flames that stoke us

It's too late to save so we must savour us

It's too fucking late

It's too fucking late

and the mourned are forgotten the next morning

and the mourning never were

Locked deep in a cavern of souls

I search for my last known hope

The mother fucking cure

Was the one who held the key

The key so deep in the sewer

I sliced my neck open and watched you bleed

I was the one buried and you were the one who claimed safe

I asked for the anecdote and you gave me poison

And for the sinners awaits eternal damnation

So the hopeless vampires can run free

I suck the blood of my companions

We impale our organs to have fun

We feast on our own secretions

and we do it all just for love

Satisfied in the darkness

hopeless vampires

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