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Matti, you are the most beautiful person I've ever seen.


by your boyfriend

I spend my days with you,

staring into what you see

and solving the puzzle that comes to me

& when I become oh so fortunate to watch you rest,

even though your eyes are pressed shut,

I can see through you;

I begin to wonder,

though it is clear to me what I can see,

what floods your vision

when you cease to be asleep?

through your eyes

the color of my birthstone,

what you see

differs from me

you, being you,

find the shapes and forms the world exists in without a hassle

and I watch in awe

as you do what I am incapable of

without lifting a muscle

for this I thank you,

and allowing us to see each other

In the way we do

and I can only promise you,

there will never be a day

where you do not wake up

and see my face.

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