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Sometimes, I feel like...

Rainy Afternoon


I feel like...

you visit me

while I'm asleep

and poke on my thoughts.

How do you know

the exact subjects

that I focus on?

I may have mentioned them


but might've already


Your memory and


is admirable.

I would say something chapters ago and

you wouldn't miss to remind me that you didn't forget.

Your vivid decrypting mimes...

says it all.

I think I'm in love

with your mind...

but your beautiful soul

casually visit

the avanues of my dreams.

You get to ask me questions

that I don't even recall anymore but

I would find myself waking up,

responding to them all.

After awhile,

my answers to your questions

would visit my mind...


But I'm still in oblivion

about everything else

that you said.

Your face is everywhere,

your beautiful face...

and you...

smiling back at me

is what I'd mostly see.

Your heart

beats in mine,

can you feel it too?

And your presence...

how I mostly get to feel

like a warm ribbon of light

that kisses my soul...

as soon as I slowly...

blink my eyes...

on a chill...



What did this piece made you think? What did it make you feel? You may leave your imprints below. Thank you for peekin' in! Sending magic your way!

Rainy afternoon Whiff of thoughts.

May you find yourself between the lines.

©Angel Fizz 21

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