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What did you tell God, lately?!

Morning thoughts freshly picked from my half asleep consciousness. 🤭 Enjoy!


What did you tell God, lately?! What did you tell him about you... and I... about us?!

Sometimes, I feel you stuck and frustrated because of the pandemic.

I can feel your heartaches in my heart because of the painful distance.

You feeling missing alot of opportunities, together.

I just tell myself, I might just need some sleep.

There are times, when I slowly close my eyes, I feel you burning against my skin.

Everything seem in slow motion. .

So peaceful...

Brimming with unspoken desires.

Your deliciously distracting and addicting lips... all over me!

I turn to ashes each time you do that and ...

I wake up like a Phoenix, soaring in the waves of your love.

How come you haven't taught me how to survive in your universe, yet?!

When is the masterclass?

What did this piece made you think? What did it make you feel? You may leave your imprints below. Thank you for peekin' in! May this piece keep sending magic your way each time you revisit.

May you find yourself between the lines.


fiction * fizz * masterclass * missing * shorts * younglove

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