A poem to my imaginary lover
A poem to my imaginary lover love stories
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angeleilo feelings are a blessing and a curse
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Sometimes you fall in love so bad that you write a poem

A poem to my imaginary lover

You have become a tender voice in my mind,

A flowery wind and a blinding sunlight.

A snowflake that never melts on my skin,

A melody that I sing from within.

You are the rain, that I can’t help but look at,

And stay under it, even if I’m cold.

I’ll tell you again, the story of how I love you,

But I’ll tell it the way that you’ve never heard.

You have become a smell that I can’t describe,

Notes of dandelions and sparkly lilac dew.

I can feel it touching my heart from the inside

The reckless way that is so brand new.

You are the only body I would like to feel,

The only beautiful soul I would die to heal,

The only voice I ever want to hear,

The only hand I would let near mine.

You have become my only dear friend,

The one who knows who I trully am,

And the only book I woul like to forget,

Just to be able to read it once again.

You are my summer breeze and my winter blanket,

You take my fears away with a single smile.

I’ll give my all to you, raw and naked

Like a little possession that is no longer mine.

You have become a tender voice in my head

It sings me the ballad that I wrote for you

Reminding me that I have not met you yet.

That you’ll stay in the wind and in the lilac dew.

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