To The Ends Of The Earth (Pt. 2)
To The Ends Of The Earth 
(Pt. 2) sciencefiction stories

angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
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I have up to part 5 already written. Get ready, this is gonna be a long series.

To The Ends Of The Earth (Pt. 2)

It's funny, word travels quickly in such a busted up old town.

That's right! This place used to be a town! Not a very lively one in comparison with the hubs that The Mother used to dote on with all of its technological advances, no.

This place, this place is a home away from home, with red oaks that tower over all the buildings that once stood here. Only maintained by The Mother's sentinels that sometimes return for maintenance work.

Whenever I'm at the tavern I always hear the owner spinning tales about how some trees are older than The Mother.

With their extreme height, and bases so wide it takes six or more people to hug around one, her tales aren't hard to believe.

The trees serve as great protection from the blazing sun, where outside of the limits of the trees lies harsh ground that's said to burn your feet at the slightest touch.

I wouldn't know anything about that of course. Oli and I were dropped here by helicopter when we were only seven, due to crimes against The Mother.

I hate The Mother, don't get me wrong, I love it here, but The Mother, The Mother has done things I never plan on forgiving.

When Oli and I were children, we were raised to be part of the rebellion. No wait, that's not right. We were raised to be a part of the revolution that sought to bring down The Mother.

Of course, as children we were only taught to be spies and use basic weaponry, we were still children after all, but one time, we took it too far, on the orders of our leader.

The leader of our section of the revolution was Margaret Hughes, a nasty piece of work that woman.

The crevices and wrinkles in her face were deeper than any ravine I've ever seen, her eyes more sinister than the meanest boar I've encountered, and her scar. I hated that thing.

A jagged line running across her face. I was always told that it was from barely evading a shot from a plasma cannon, I highly doubted that, and if she did, it was simply dumb luck.

But nonetheless, whenever she looked at me, a chill would run down my spine at the sight of it.

Had we not been reb- I mean, revolutionaries, The Mother would have sent her to the best doctor when it happened.

She ordered all the children to sneak into the nearest headquarters and set it on fire. Every document, every computer, anything and everything we saw, to set it ablaze.

But what she didn't account for, was that The Mother sees everything. It saw us sneak into that building, it saw us plant our explosives, it saw everything.

And before we detonated anything, we were all captured by the sentinels. All perfectly made robots, nothing exposed, no weaknesses, perfectly made from a carbon titanium alloy.

No weaknesses, perfectly made. We were captured, and we would pay for our crimes against The Mother.

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