Lady's glove
Lady's glove suspense stories

angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
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Decided to write a poem about poison! I like learning about different poisons so more are on the way! I feel like google is going to look at my search history and think I'm plotting something XD

Lady's glove

My hand, warm and inviting My face, hidden and deciding

Whatever your intentions might be Heed my warning Listen carefully

Tempting as I may be In all of my flowering glory

Take my glove And you will fall And you, "my love" If I recall...

Will feel quite queasy As you hold my unloved hand You unknowingly have been banned You make this all too easy

You touch my hand to your face The poison reaching towards your mouth You've already decided your fate You fool, I pack more venom than the snake called a cottonmouth

That simple touch is all it will take As you begin to cough and shake Gasping for air will do you no good I won't show you any mercy...

But perhaps the devil could?

I am the lady's glove Foxglove to be exact And it seems You've already signed the contract

"How could something so beautiful, so inviting and colorful do this to me?" You poor, poor child, why can't you see?

As you begin to spin Dizziness and fatigue start creeping in I'd like you to remember this simple phrase Remember, forever and always

"Those most beautiful can easily kill, and if your sheer stupidity won't kill you, then I surely will."

What am I? A beautiful poison That has left you frozen On the ground eyes open wide Beauty is the reason you died

Sincerely, Foxglove (Also known as lady's glove)

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