In a World of Flowers...
In a World of Flowers... feelings stories

angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
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In a world of flowers... what will you be?

In a World of Flowers...

The world is filled With beautiful flowers, with colors that fill the entire spectrum

The flowers are picked And placed at your tables Until they wilt And lose their petals...

These flowers are grown for someone else’s convenience For someone else to enjoy them, then throw them out When they lose their oh so precious petals

So... In a world of flowers...

Be a weed

Weeds can be beautiful too Such as buttercups and bluebonnets Waiting to be picked by a curious child Where they will spend the rest of their days bringing spontaneous joy

Or they can be strong and sturdy, resilient and dauntless Refusing to be simply an object to something else

Their roots go deep and wide Inconveniencing those who come across them, hardened and cross

Or should we be trees? Resilient like weeds Beautiful like the petals All while bringing fresh air and aiding all that meet us

With roots deep and wide Leaves that fall and blow In the wind, bringing joy in leaf piles Blossoms with colors of every variety And providing for the world around us

So... In a world of flowers and In a world of weeds

Be a tree

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