Cottontails rail stories

angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
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A poem based off of Alice In Wonderland mixed with personal thoughts and feelings. I hope it resonates with you!


Everything is crashing down I may fall But there is no sound

What can you do with a broken mind? There must be a remedy That I can't find

All this time I've spent on crying I could've used To find

A remedy

I'm quickly going off the rails Screams piercing ears Dreams haunted by wails

Will you scream Or will you fight Will you let me dream Or will you turn on the light

As my mind runs off the rails My brain is filled with cottontails As they bounce around my room I begin, to fall to my doom

Further, Further, and Further will I fall As I fall no one hears my call

I may grow, or I may shrink Something's wrong, so I take a drink

Further, Further, and Further do I fall Until my thoughts are 10 inches tall

I've gone completely off the rails At least I got to tell my tale

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