Broken Promises
Broken Promises heart break stories

angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
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Broken hearts and Broken promises

Broken Promises

You said we’d always be together Through thick and thin And any sort of weather

But now we have grown apart... As we grow older


And further


We said we’d go to college together, yet even now, you won’t speak to me...

Tell me what I did! I promise I can change! I thought we were the perfect picture... But now we have a broken frame

You were, you are, a sister to me Ten years together But from there Our relationship didn’t get better

I tried I tried I tried

I tried to call You wouldn’t answer I tried to talk You wouldn’t respond Why

Why are you taking so so long To tell me what’s so so wrong

I can see it in your face I can see it in your eyes I can see your tears welling up But you won’t let them pass by

Tell me

Tell me what’s wrong I want to help I can’t watch you suffer alone I can’t stay in this silent Hell If I had a wishing well I’d throw in my soul So you would tell

But maybe- It’s me

The constant comparisons With your parents and me Of what you were supposed to be

I never meant to hurt you

Maybe if we never met-

You’d be okay

But although it’s selfish I couldn’t live Without the memories Of you

You and me

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