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KNOCK KNOCK! A knock occurs at my door. I look up from my computer "Come in!" I say. Soldier 76 barges in. "Merc, we got a new recruit." He informs me. I smile. A new recruit? Sounds like more fun! I pop from my seat " Female or male? " I ask. "Just get out and I'll introduce you to her." He tells me.

Reign Of Dooms Watch

KNOCK KNOCK! A knock occurs at my door. I look up from my computer "Come in!" I say. Soldier 76 barges in. "Merc, we got a new recruit." He informs me. I smile.

A new recruit? Sounds like more fun! I pop from my seat " Female or male? " I ask. "Just get out and I'll introduce you to her." He tells me.

He leads me to the meeting room and everyone else is there. The only seat left is the one next to Genji. I blush slightly. I take a seat. "Everyone as you know, there is a new recruit...

And this new recruit shall be respected. Am I clear'" Soldier 76 announces. Everyone nods. "Alright. Everyone... Meet Sombra!" He says. Sombra comes before him.

She has half of her head shaved and the other half flows down like wavy ocean waves. Her purple eyes peering at everyone. She must like purple. Her outfit is silver and purple.

"Now who will give Sombra a tour around this place?" 76 asked. Everyone calls Soldier 76 just 76. Immediately, everyone's hand shot upward except mine. Mine followed. "Hhhhrmm.... How about...

Mercy?" 76 said " Mercy,, anddddd... Lució. " Lució literally jumped for not "Yes! Yes!" He screamed. Lució always liked giving people tours ...

And booping our enemies off the edge of a cliff or platform., Lució, and I make a group. Sombra goes invisible. Wait?! Where is she? I look around. Suddenly she comes up behind me.

"Let's go!" She says excitedly. I fall to the ground. "Ow." I mutter. Lució,, and Sombra are already off. I fly to them. Great...  first day Sombra is already scaring me. "Hey, D.

va how long have you been here?" Sombra asks  turning to me. " um... I'm Mercy. is the one in pink." I say nervously. " Oh sorry Mercy. " Sombra giggles then turns to D.

va asking her the question. shrugs "I dunno... Maybe 4 or 5 years. I don't remember." replies. Sombra turns to Lució now "Lució?" She asks. Lució blushes "Oh... Something like D.

va I guess." He says to her. " Mercy? " Sombra asks me her eyes peering into my soul. My brain runs in circles. I hesitate "M-me? Oh I am about the same." I manage to get out.

Phew! Sombra grins. Her pearly white teeth show, making me even more nervous. Sombra stops at a wall. "You guys do graffiti??? Cool!" She says. She whips out a purple spray can.

Where did she get  that from?!?! Soon, before my eyes is a chibi version of Sombra on the wall. Will she be done with this already? She's making me even more nervous.

My mind circles in worry wonderland. I adjust my halo, which is tilted above my head.  Think good thoughts Mercy, my brain tells me.

My mind comes to find the memory of when Genji was hurt really badly and I had saved him. I giggle. Good times... Good times. I sigh. Sombra won't make for good times though.

Is this a joke? Is this a nightmare? I purposely fall behind. I slap myself to make sure this is real... All reality. Great... I'm not just dreaming. I fly to catch up. By now, D.

va, Sombra, and Lució are all laughing. I only grimace. The ponytail in my hair becomes loose. I let my hair down. They are having fun without me.

I decide I am no longer a use here so I rush back to my room. "Mercy? Mercy? Where are you going?" asks. I don't answer. Just keep moving I think.

I make it to my room and lock everyone out. I'm exhausted. I change into my white crop top with a halo on it and I put on my black tights. I ploop my butt  on my bed.

My phone is on my nightstand on the charger. I unplug my phone. Ping! A message is sent to my phone. I check who it's from. Nope. Not in the mood. Ping! Nope.

I don't wanna talk bout it My hair flows in front of my eyes. I don't care at this point. KNOCK KNOCK! I groan. " Come back later" I mumble. The door  creeks open anyway.

I look down at my phone to make it seem like I'm not listening. "Mercy? You okay? Aren't you supposed to be with, Lució, and Sombra?" Genji asks me. I sigh. " Nope.

Don't wanna talk bout it. " I mutter. Genji looks puzzled. "Why didn't you answer my text?" He asks me. "What text?" I ask. Now it's my turn to be puzzled.

" The one I sent you last night? " He  asks me. I   frown. "Too tired." I replied. " Sorry. " I look down at my phone. I look for my Facebook app.

"What's with the red bruise on your face?" He asks me. It takes me a couple seconds but I realize what he means.

Oh you mean you noticed I slapped myself so I knew this was real? I ask in my head. " Its not your business. " I say quickly.

His brow furrows in suspicion "You mean it's nacho business? Ha! Anyway, it actually is kinda my business . Is something up?" He asks. A pang of anger strikes me.

" Okay! Fine! It's just that so called 'Sombra' is getting on my nerves and I don't want te talk bout it.

Can we like not talk about her? She's too popular and it's making me nervous because how everyone reacts to her. Nobody has ever reacted like that and you know it. " I say extremely quickly.

It's amazing how fast someone can speak when they are angry. I feel some anger escape. I look down realizing what I said. "Sorry... I'm just nervous." I mutter quietly.

" You don't want to deal with me when I'm in this mood. "  I pull the covers over my face. He pulls the covers off my face. "I just wanted to know. And... The red spot?" Genji asks.

"Oh and besides... I think you'll get used to her."   I put my phone back on my nightstand. "I slapped myself." I mutter. Genji nods and leaves the room I throw the covers over my face again.

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