Love Kills Hatred
Love Kills Hatred illustrated stories

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Harper Brandi has a tough life until she meets... Someone special.

Love Kills Hatred

Harper's pov:

Today is school. Argh. This is bad. I hate school. I hate people. Human interaction is gross. Ugh! Only when I walk in the doors the hate begins to increase.

Omg!!!Bailey! I hate her! I just hate Bailey Schmidt!  No!!!.Ok, Harper calm down, oh no here she comes.

"Hi harp" she giggled smugly, she knows I hate when she uses harp. "Hi Bailey" she went silent until everyone was out of the hall then pushed me against a wall.

"So little snitch thought you could get past me WRONG" she growled slapped my drawings out of my hand. She smirked and then snickered with her stupid friends. I pick up my depressing drawings.

All I draw is emo girls and boys.I've been in a relationship 3 times now. Let's just say it involved screaming and blood.

I know my life is meaningless but isn't everyone else's? Why can't I find my meaning?I'm in detention every time someone triggers me. I've been through it all.

When my father was still alive, I went in every possible mental hospital there could be. My father. I missed him dearly. He made me have my meaning. My mother is in jail.

She was arrested for murder. My mom was angered when this guy killed my dad.Therefore, she killed his whole entire family.

Bailey hates me. Little brute. Now that my father is dead, mother in prison, my abusive aunt, and Bailey make me hateful. I hide from my aunt and stay with Cole. Cole is a  bar tender.

He is very kind to me. I only care about him and my mom. My deceased father remains in my heart. I wear a necklace he gave me  on my birthday. The necklace has a chain that has a skull.

The eyes are real ruby. It's very special and expensive.

Hinto's POV:

As I walk through doors i see a girl with purple hair being pushed against the wall by a girl with blond hair. I can't tell what the blond haired girl said but the tone was cruel.

I see the blond hair girl snicker then head my way. She walked so fast that I didn't have time to move before she bumped into me.

She stumbled to the floor "Hey! Watch it bitch!" She says in an annoyed tone. " oh, sorry" she says as she looks up " i-I-I d-didn't mean it.

" I stare at her with my eyebrow raised "hey" I say " who are you? " she stares a me with a sad look on her face but comes to say" I'm Bailey Schmidt. You can call me Bae.

" I can't help but want to hit her but I manage to say without beating her up "Ok cool. I'm Hinto  Kudzu." She begins to say something but I walk towards the girl with purple hair.

"Hi" I tell her "I'm Hinto  Kudzu ." She looks up. Her beautiful eyes like a dream. " ok whatever. " she  replies casually. "Aren't you going to tell me your name?" I ask. " Oh, that.

My name is Harper. " She responds in somewhat of an aggressive way. "Last name?" I ask. She sighed and finally said "Brandi. Harper Brandi.

" I noticed she wore a red beanie and torn denim means with a black hoodie that said 'World of Warcraft.' She also wore a  choker that was red. I could barely tell she was wearing a necklace.

"What's your necklace look like?" I ask. " Nothing" she says and walks away.

Harper's POV: I feel angry. I feel more angry than usual. So angry I could... Kill. Yes, I am so mad I could kill. I have a weird feeling about Hinto. As if... We could be friends. Best friends.

This is not right. Not right. It's just wrong. No. How could I like someone I barely know? I decide I don't trust him.

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