Lips- A Sims 4 Love Story (original on quotev)
Lips- A Sims 4 Love Story (original on quotev) stories
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Gillian Obrien transfers to New Crest Academic High. Immediately, Quinton Crawford falls in love with the nerd. Breana tries to get rid of Gillian.

Source: UnwantedPhoenix Quotev

Lips- A Sims 4 Love Story (original on quotev)

by UnwantedPhoenix

Gillian's POV:

My parents push me in the car. We lived in a small house in Willow Creek. It's 5:30 a.m. I'm going to my new school today while my parents fix up our new home in a town called New Crest.

I stare out the window bored to death as we drive to my new school in New Crest. I get so bored I whip out my phone and play games on it. Luckily, I'll still have my console.

"Gillian!" My mom sings " Its time for school! " I groan but I obey and get out of the car.  I look at the huge school. I feel a little shaky since I don't know anyone.

I notice a blond haired girl wearing a pink crop top. Is that even allowed here? I pull up my shorts so no skin shows. The blond girl catches me out of the corner of her eye.

She smiled at a guy and walked over to me. Um... How must I react? She frowns when she reaches me but  fakes a smile again. "Are you new?" She asks me. I nod quietly.

"Okk-ay well  who are you? Are you a new teacher that nobody told me about?" I shake my head. " speak to me girl! Are you muted?! " She asks me with a scoff. "Well... No not exactly." I say.

She glares at me. "Who are you anyway? Are you only staying for a week or so?" She asks. " I'm  Gillian. And... I'm here for the rest of the year and probably the following years. " I tell her.

"And you?" She frowns but nonetheless, speaks " I'm Breana. What kind of name is Gillian? But anyway, do you want to be a part of my group? " She asks.

I don't know what to answer so I say "I'm not sure." 3 girls walk up to me. They are all wearing crop tops. "Are  crop tops even allowed?" I ask.

All 4 of the girls that are in front of me all scoff. Are they dying or something? "Uh... Duh! Are you ignorant?!" The blond haired girl next to Breana shrieks.

" Excuse me but I don't speak shrieks" I mutter.  One of the dark haired girls heard that I muttered and screams at me " What? Do you even know how to talk? " Geez...

These girls need to learn to take a chill pill. "Who are all of you? Aside from Breana since I already know her." I ask.

The girls all roll their eyes but the three girls speak " I'm Lily" says the blond haired one that's next to Breana. Breana, like Lily, has blond hair. Lily is to the right of Breana.

To the left of Breana is  Aubrey. At the very left end stands Stefani. The girls all whip their hair and walk away. Drama queens. That's pretty much them. They are drama queens.

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