Rebellious Rose
Rebellious Rose


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angelatsng Sixteen 🦋
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Everything changes when Rebecca Rose took the life of her mother's killer.

Everything changes then.

Rebellious Rose

With a forceful pull of the chain, bruise marks were left on the wrists of my very own. The man who held me captive chuckles in laughter, and in enjoyment to see me cry in pain.

Loud knocks of someone hitting himself hardly of the door, trying to break into the room. I hear the cry of anger that repeatedly screams my name.


It's my brother, knocking himself onto the door. Doing so, won't break the lock. It only breaks my heart, to see him hurting himself.

I knew I had to turn the whole concept of the battle around. The battle of fighting for my life. I swung my arm across his face, with the hand like a furious paw, attacked fiercely with all my might, leaving deeply wounded scars on the man's face.

I held the chain over his neck and started pulling with all I've got. I wanted this man dead. I don't care if I were to be placed into prison, but I just wanted revenge, for all he has done to my family, and I.

A voice in my head whispered, leaving me to have mercy on my victim, on my prey. Little did I know, an act of mercy could put my own life into danger, causing me to loosen my grip on my weapon, as the man turned and grasped on my neck.

Then, there was a gun shot. I was so relieved the scene was finally over with this man threatening my family for years. And taking away our mother's life. This man took his punishment as his death finally came to pick him up from the world.

I sighed in relief and dropped the gun on floor with satisfactory. A smile plastered across my face, and I knew why. Instead, I picked up the gun and brought it with me as I left the place where I have just committed a crime.

It's been months, before I escaped home, feeling so dishonest with my siblings after catching them rummaging through my bags. I knew it wasn't the best thing to do, leaving my sister and brother under the care of no one's.

It wasn't easy, seeing my mother got murdered before my eyes. Losing my father at war. Aiming a real gun at the man who killed my mother. I killed him. And it won't be too long before I could be caught, and be sent into prison.

In the streets, I took a few turn avoiding a new citizen who seem interested in my identity. Then the rain started pouring, harder and stronger every step I take, seeking for refuge.

Ah, I guess fate wants me to meet this fellow. I ran into this citizen at the bus stop.

- To be continued - You were reading on Rebecca Rose's perspective. Read this on Wattpad for a more detailed version, and also by chapters. Wattpad - AngelaTsngOfficial -------------------------------- Rebellious Rose. Copyright © June 2017. All rights reserved.

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