My Best Friend's Confession
My Best Friend's Confession romance stories

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How could a one-sided love tear a friendship apart? Never. At least not for Johnson and Anne.

My Best Friend's Confession

written by Angela Tsng How could a one-sided love tear our friendship apart?

"I'll get going now. See you again soon, my love," Luke kissed me before leaving for work. "Don't forget about our dinner we planned tomorrow in the evening," I reminded.

Feeling loved, or maybe it was what I thought so, I left the building, decided I would call Johnson out for a coffee. "I'll be there," and so, I hailed a taxi and asked to go right to the place.

Arriving at our favorite coffee shop, I asked the barista there to make us two cups of cappuccinos. Usually Johnson and I would prefer the bitter lattes. But I thought, why not try something new?

I sat down, took a sip from my fresh-made coffee. Just then, my eyes caught the sight of Johnson approaching. "This is for me, isn't it?" Johnson took a look into the cup of coffee.

"I thought maybe trying a cappuccino for this time would be nice," I said, hoping he doesn't feel disappointed it isn't latte. "Of course. It's wonderful," He sat down, looking satisfied with it.

With surprise, I realized I've almost forgotten that my best friend has always been way easier to tolerate with, compared to my boyfriend, Luke. I really need someone to talk to, about Luke..

"Is there anything going wrong with you and Luke again?" He asked, as he seemed to be able to read my mind. "Well, he always has more time on his lady boss who asks him out almost all the time."

"Asks him out?" "Yeah, he said they are just friends and they have a lot to discuss about work."

"Four times a week? Dinner with that lady? Just friends? I doubt so." "They're probably having an affair," then he covered his mouth. "Anne- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say-"

"John, stop." I froze, devastated. "I don't want to hear it. At least not anymore. You might be right. But I don't want to listen." "Anne, I have something to confess,"

He hesitated for a moment before he speaks, "Anne, I'm in love with you." With frustration, I stood up. And before I leave, I apologized. "I'm sorry. I can't."

I didn't want to believe what Johnson had predicted, or maybe that's what I might think it is too. Not until my own eyes caught the truth I have been trying to not believe in.

Seeing my own boyfriend, Luke, and a woman dancing in the hotel's ballroom, I stared in disbelief. And then, they kissed, my heart cracked.

With my own eyes, I see Luke carried her in his arms, leaving for the hotel's lift. I avoided being in sight of those two, but I couldn't stand it. I lost control.

"LUKE." He turned around in surprise as I called. "Anne?! What are you doing here?" with that, he quickly put the lady down. "How. Could. You?!" "I trusted YOU!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Anne. I apologize for not loving you anymore. And if you're here, wishing I will chase after you, know that that's not going to happen. You have always been just a shit I use."

Those words left me standing speechless, yet helpless. And to leave after they left for their 'business'. I screamed inside. I collapsed. Unable to resist the grief.

I was able to wake before an ambulance could arrive. Then, I felt my heart relieved. All those pain only lasted for a moment.

Those words kept me hanging on for days. I stayed home for almost two weeks alone. Maybe it doesn't hurt that much anymore, but I still needed time for myself.

And who knew? On the Saturday after missing work for two weeks, maybe someone would care to check on me, see whether I'm fine. No one would come.

"Who says so?" "Talking to yourself again?" "Johnson!" I ran towards where he stood with his little car. "You're not mad at me anymore?" I shook my head, "I'll tell you all about it."

— The End — I put in quite some time to write this. I hope you enjoyed it and vote for this story. Thank you <3 Wattpad - AngelaTsngOfficial Instagram - angelatsng

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