Beautiful Nightmare
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angelatsng Sixteen 🦋
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Who could ever make a nightmare that sweet of taste?

Beautiful Nightmare

written by Angela Tsng "You could be a sweet dream, or a beautiful nightmare. Either way, I don't wanna wake up from you." ~Beyoncé

In a nightmare of stolen candies, You are the eyes to the sourly delicious truth, You are the scented root to the sweetest sugarcane.

In a nightmare of drowning waters, You are my strength in the defeating struggle, You are the bubbles of light, You are my vision of hope.

In a nightmare of an illusional earthquake, You are the tremble of emotions, My heart shakes to the rhythm of your beating heart.

In a nightmare of deadly heights, You are the comfort to my greatest fears, You whisper the spirit of courage into me.

In a nightmare of lost directions, You are the lighthouse to show a safer path, A clearer way to reach my desired destination.

In a nightmare of an endless road of twists and turns, You are the priceless compass, And the complete map, Leading me safely back home.

In a nightmare of a broken heart, You are my rebound, The pretty plaster that wraps around my heart. You are my strength that pushes all my sorrows away, The unconditional love of an angel from heaven.

In a nightmare of death, You are the light in the darkness, You are the comforting voice in all eerie silence, You are the key to heaven, You are my eternal happiness.

— The End — I am greatly inspired by one's love, so I written this poem so that you could relate to it. I am a strong believer. I believe in God's love for me, and it is unconditional until eternity. How about you? Who could you rely on?

I hope you love this as much as I do, too! Have a beautiful day, always! Instagram - angelatsng Wattpad- AngelaTsngOfficial

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