"Can the Broccolis' BE SAVED from being EATEN by mom?" Part 2


              "Can the Broccolis' 
                         BE SAVED   
                        from   being
                         by mom?"
                      Part 2  fantasy stories

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Will the Heroes be able to save the Broccolis' from being eaten ?
Can Brad open the portal door and get all three of them inside to safety now?

"Can the Broccolis' BE SAVED from being EATEN by mom?" Part 2

Note to parents This is only a fantasy fiction story let your young know that they may and should eat their broccoli, carrots, etc.. As this was just a make believe fairy tale created by the author and that any name, place, brand, veggies was created in love and from the figament of Sunnyone’s vivd imagination.

Dedicated to Sydney, Shirley and Pat Ramakers, Steven Waldrop, Jenna Foreman, Lisa McMichael. the Commaful and Discord Community. Thank you for reading and sharing your comments! - Sunnyone - Let’s now proceed with this story series...

Mom and us three Heroes all did a joyous happy dance as mom brought it to us.

“What is it Mom?” Eddie and I were so anxious and curious about this treat. “They’re Broccoli florets, boys.” Mom informed us as she brought them over and gave us one broccoli floret each. We replied,“Thank you Mom!” She answered us, “You are welcome!"

Before mom had escaped to her office again I saw a few broccoli florets in her hand and one aimed for her mouth. She must like them. When mom was out of sight. Eddie lifted up one to his beak and bit off a portion of it. But with no warning at all we all heard a gut-wrenching scream of an anguished cry of pain.

All three of us looked up In astonishmemt that our treat fell right out of our grasp and on our table. And saw a small live green tree standing up with a with big void in the sid of it's...

head. "It's A- ALIVE!" Peter cried out in awe.

"Yeah, it sure does!" Whoever thought a veggie would come alive?" Eddie cried out in a trembling utterance. "W-who a-re y-y-o-u?" "H-h-o-w were you able to come alive?" Eddie stuttered. But before any of the Heroes could utter anymore questions

"You actually lacerated my head and now it's throbbing like mad!" "This small Broccoli boy bawled Eddie out. Then turned on Peter and Happy before whirled his attention back to Eddie." Now we were REALLY BEWILDERED!" "Where did he come from?" "Is someone playing a...

prank on us?" Do we have a VENTRILOQUIST hiding somewhere nearby?" "Who can this be?" "Who are you?" Both Eddie and I implored as we were definitely even more BAFFLED and PREPLEXED YET! "I did!" "Who are you?" Brad questioned us as he stood

there glaring at each one of us in turn and so confused THEN...

"Well, this green parrot who's name is Eddie bite a hole of my head!" Brad answered as he pointed at Eddie with one stem as if it were a FINGER and then at the hole on the left side of his head. Then Brad paused for a moment before to pleading

the Heroes in fear of that the these strange beings may just snatch them up and EAT THEM right then. "Please let's,START OVER?" "We definitely got off on the WRONG FOOT!" Brad pleaded. The Heroes turned to peer at one another nodding their heads up and down in

agreement. Then Happy pointed his one paw towards Eddie. Peter followed suit pointing his talon towards Eddie. Eddie knew he was to reply to Brad's questions and did just that. "Yes, Brad Broccoli we will allow this." Eddie reassured them.

Their conversation was barely concluded when mom came dashing into the kitchen. Where both mom and the unusual visitors both spotted each other. What wIll happened next?

They all Immediately fainted.

That is except the stunned Heroes. Neither of them had a clue of why or what just occurred before their very eyes. Happy was the first one to L E A P off their table and

sat by mom to guard her whimpering, "What's

wrong Mom?" "Talk to me!" "Please Mom? Wake up?!" But mom was not able to do that.

Happy licked her face and cried as he did this: "Mom? Mom? What's wrong?" .

Peter joined them next.

Now Eddie knew It was up to him to deal with this crisis. "Peter, why don't you take a short break first? You know, drink some water, and relieve yourself then sit next to mom please?"

"Happy needs to just act like a sweet and friendly pup that he Is. Right Happy?" "RUFF!" "RUFF!" While wagging and thumping his tail on the floor. Besides, if you do not have a clue of how to answer any of mom's rid stuttering questions you could distract her with...

Another question, like hey Mom it's no longer rainy or deary looking. So may we found invite Paco to come out to play with us?" "Got it?" Eddie implored Peter. "YES SIR SARGENT EDDIE!" "Alright then. Now it's Happy's turn to go on a break. Happy please make it

SNAPPY?" As I have a feel things are about to erupt any moment now. We'll need all hands on deck shortly to stop this next to another crisis when mom and /or the Broccolis' Family comes alive at any moment now." "Go now Happy and ,ale it quick I'll make it up to you later. Eddie exclaimed.

Off Happy fled to do his bathroom break and to get to gulp down some cool water then made a mad dash back to mom, Peterand Eddie's side. Happy just arrived when first the Broccolis' began to thraah about on the Heroes' table. Then mom also was coming alive once more only to launch Into stuttering o-u-t many

questions. "Like where am I?" "What just occurred? " Was there a mighty explosion?" "Are you boys okay?" And so on... mom slowly stuttered out. Now Eddie had flown onto their table to calm to get some order and plot an escape..

Plan for the Broccolis' safe Rescue Mission and promptly. Or mom may intercept and SNATCH THEM UP and Chow down on them, killing them in one or two mouthfuls. Will the Broccolis' work with the Heroes in order to save THEIR LIVES? end of part 2

Broccolis' Coming Alive part 3

Eddie steps a bit closer to Brad and whispers to him and warns him. Please keep your voices down to a whisper. Don't do any extra talking or inquiring than is absolutely necessary. The Heroes wish to assist them in their rescue to safety in order for them to remain alive. "Are you ready to listen and follow orders now?" Asked

Eddie in a soft undertone to first Brad and then his siblings. After which he waited for their answers. It was agreed by mutual agreement for Eddie, Peter and Happy to assist them. Then both Brad and Eddie did most of the ingenious underhanded escape plotting.

While Eddie and Brad were plotting the mission. Mom had awaken and as was determined mom did release a load of questions as Eddie and Peter said she would. By some miracle Peter was masterful at having mom stand Up and turn to gaze out at the radiantly bright sunny day it had become and desired

to ask mom. "Mom, see how beautiful and shiny it's become outside now?" "Yes Peter! It sure is!" Mom replied with a high grin on her facial features then. "In that case mom, may we please walk over and invite Paco to come out to play outside, huh? Huh Mom?"

"Sure son!" But,please let me go round up a pen and writing Paras well as go do a wardrobe change first, then we'll go."

She at first was rather wobbly and unsteady so I felt it was be advisable for me to follow her down to her office then see that she at least made it safely into her bedroom to change...

Once I saw her enter this room and had closed the door. It was time to fly back to our table to join my brothers and the Broccolis' Family. In pulling this mission off successfully and without any further delays or dangerous problems. How will we, the Heroes execute this mission? Read on.

Eddie then told us how this was to be carried out. * Brad , you get on and hold on firmly to Happy's blue collar but please don't choke him. * Brenda you will climb into Happy's back and grasp Brad's waist just as right without cutting him from being able to breath. Then Brian you climb on and

follow the same directions of holding snugly to Brenda's waist." "Why, am I telling you to hold on snugly to either Happy's collar or to each other?" Listen closely as I give both Happy and Peter their Instructions then hopefully you will all comprehend by

we do not have but a very LIMITED PERIOD OF TIME to preform this mission to get you into this portal in the back of the inside of our refrigerator. Before mom comes scrambling down our hallway and into this room. If she should intercept this Mission before you are all I side this PORTAL SAFELY WELL...

That could mean the death of you if she should seize and Chow down on you before It's TOO LATE!" "My brothers and I could even be pushed into even eating you if not her or be scolded or punished in some way or other see how urgent and vital it is to follow our directions?" Peter explained. "Yes Eddie! " " Let's ....

Do it now!" "Happy, you are now to carry these little Broccolis' over to the fridge." "Stand up and pull the fridge's door open as far as you can." Then step around the door and have your head pointing in the opposite direction of the door you opened...

Yes!!! They did it! Just in the nick of time before mom could reach in and pull those Broccolis' kids out of their Secret Portal door which hasd closed and became invisible to Mom and the Heroes' sight right then. Yes! The Heroes pulled off another real successful mission!

The End of this particular Heroes' Story Series. I hope you enjoyed this exciting Fantasy Adventure and Mystery Story despite the length of it. I just wanted to Wanted to create a very Intriguing and exciting fun story for you all. Thanks for reading this story and leaving some real commets behind !

"What?!" "Broccolis' Are Coming Alive!?" Copyright ©️ 2019 🥦🥦🥦 Tuesday, December 31. Sunnyone/ Sunny Light / Angela Lambkin

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