The White Room.
The White Room. stories

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waiting and waiting

The White Room.

You sat by my left side as I laid on a bed,

with warm blankets that weren’t mine,

Creatures of long noses came in once in a while.

They poked my skin and took the red,

But it needed to be done, that is what they would say.

We waited for hours for words we didn’t know would even come.

I followed the ticking of the clock with my eyes.

For so long I was hypnotized.

You and I, we wanted to go home.

Everyone did.

We all landed on beds in different rooms too close to each other,

with blankets that were once hers, and his and now yours.

Hoping a walking soul would enter our rooms this time,

To let us go.

But they kept passing by,

Until you closed your eyes.

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