The color purple
The color purple  purple stories

angel_writer101 I like skittles😊
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This isn’t a true story just something to you know....idk💜

The color purple

Hello my name is Ella. I'm 17 years old and I live with my mom since my dad died when I turned 2 years old.

It's still sad because he isn't here but it's fine cause I know he is still watching me from above and that he still loves me.

When I was little he use to sing me this song called "Purple Raindrop" it was my favorite song he ever made for me. My dad is the best and I loved him so much.

His favorite color was purple so it turned to be my favorite color to.

Thanks for reading! I know it’s not the best but I was kinda bored and was thinking of anything!💜💜

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