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Loving ❤️

Loving you

Loving you is like, holding on to something and wanting to keep it L O V E

I want you to be in my life at all times, it’s hard to say goodbye when I love you so much L O V E

I want a future with you, knowing any promised we make will not be broken L O V E

I want to know that we can trust each other L O V

Thinking about you makes me happy, give me more reasons on why I should love you L O

I want you to know that nothing can get in between us.. L

L= Loving you is all I want to do, I want you to feel like your special and mean something. Your the light when it’s dark, your smile makes everyone smile. Your laugh is like a baby laughing and everyone just laugh with you cause it’s so cute and adorable. Your eyes make me want to cry! They are so beautiful! I bet you don’t even know it. I love you and I want you to know that forever<200

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