Help! A sexual assault story By:Angel Rose
A sexual assault story

By:Angel Rose sexual-assault-awareness stories

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Sexual assault is something that shouldn’t be and you can help by getting help! If someone is sexual assaulting you. Tell someone and get help.

Help! A sexual assault story By:Angel Rose

Hey my name is Kay and I'm 15 years old. I'm not really having the best life like some people. One day I was walking to the store to get medicine for my mom cause she wasn't feeling well.

Than this man came to me and said "Hey pretty lady what's your name?" I didn't know if it was the right thing to do or maybe not so I told him and he said "How old are you?

" Again I told him my age which is 15 than he said "Oh okay nice! What are you doing walking alone" at that moment I felt like it was weird and I didn't wanna talk to him anymore but I did.

I said "None of your business but I think I should be going!" Than I started speed walking.

Than he said "HEY! Where do you think your going?" I didn't say anything so I kept walking faster "He grabbed me...

he out his hand on my mouth saying "If you don't listen to me I will kill you and whoever finds out" I was scared all I can think of was my mom and how worried she could have been "follow me

i wanna take you some where" he said "okay" I said back as I followed him into this weird looking house "Come here" as he opened the door "okay" I said back as I stood waiting "Go upstairs"

he said . Is this right? I asked myself, maybe not.

I went upstairs to find a bedroom and chains and handcuffs and water and seems like drugs? He came behind me and hold my mouth and got on top of me is this right? He seems to old for me...

I'm worried about my mother reaction at this moment suddenly he puts the handcuffs on me and said "your mine now!" Than he started to kiss me "HELPPP!

" I screamed "no one can hear you" he said smiling and laughing. I didn't find this funny or enjoying at all.

Suddenly the police came up stairs and I saw my mom waiting outside for me "MOM!" I ran hugged her "I got a tracker so I can be able to find you" I was so happy.

2 weeks later that man was in jail for 10 years for sexual assault.

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