Answering ur guys questions (PART 1)
Answering ur guys questions 

              (PART 1) question stories
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angel_writer101 I like skittles😊
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Like this one? Then ask me more questions and I will be happy to answer them❤️❤️

Answering ur guys questions (PART 1)

Are you a PJO Fan? Kinda not a big fan but it’s cool!❤️

What is life? For me life is good I’m in california and I’m happy I am cause I have so many chances to start my career.

What is your dream holiday? I don’t really have one but if I had to think of one it would probably be called “Puppy day”.

Whats your fav animal? Koalas and Dogs

How’s life? Interesting

What ur biggest pet peeve? Don’t have one for some reason well I do just can’t think of it😂😂👌🏻Sorry

If u guys liked this one then ask me more questions!

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