La Douler Exquise: My love For You
La Douler Exquise: My love For You love stories

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La Douleur Exquise (French): The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can't have.

How painful is it of wanting someone but you won't have a chance to have that person?

How will I manage to forget the only person who can make my day complete?


La Douler Exquise: My love For You

"I'm sorry... I'll only hurt you more if I'll be with you... you know how much you mean to me... But you're right... this isn't good anymore... maybe someday...

we'll be able to laugh it off on one side of a restaurant... But not right now... I'm really sorry... Goodbye..."

Those were the last words that I heard from the person that I love the most... My best friend...

Funny... Because he was the one who confessed yet he was the one who ended it as well... another funny thing is that we never even dated... so there really isn't something to end...

If there is... then that would be our friendship...

I keep rolling in my bed, side to side... I've been preoccupied from my thought of what had happened last night... Not just last night. Maybe, starting from the time that this thing happened.

There were many "What ifs" that I have been asking yet they all mostly have the same answer why it happened. It was my fault. How come?

He never said that he liked you romantically yet you confessed your heart all the way as if there was an assurance that he'll return it.

He did tell you that he is physically attracted to you yet you still gave yourself to him even if he already has a girl in his life.

Why? Why hurt yourself? Why let your guard down?

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