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On October 14, 2021 it was the first time I attended court and I was the victim.It seems like it was yesterday because the scent of the courtroom was still sticking around me. The scent was a strong smelly rotten egg that has been there for days.They asked me to mention what happened; however I was shaking like If I was on a roller coaster.


On October 14, 2021 it was the first time I attended court and I was the victim.It seems like it was yesterday because the scent of the courtroom was still sticking around me.

The scent was a strong smelly rotten egg that has been there for days.They asked me to mention what happened; however I was shaking like If I was on a roller coaster.

I began to walk to the stand and sat down. I was shaking in my boots because I was going under oath. My heart was beating out of my body but fell down to my stomach.

It feels like I can hear the people talking about me across the room. My throat was getting so dry like if I haven't drank water in years. I stood up and cleared my throat and told my story.

As I was speaking I was gazing over to my parents and I saw their pain within their eyes. I look back and I see Paul with a zero and two fade!

Paul's hair line reminded me of the old man that kidnapped me. The gray hair fading into his white scalp showing his sun spots.I am immediately back to that morning getting ready for school.

The sun is shining in all its splendor, as I walk to the place where dreams come to die. I walked into my English class, and I saw her.

Sitting across the room was Jovanna giving me the dirtiest look. We have had a feud for a couple of years over the quarterback of the football team.

Josh is the most handsome guy anyone can lay eyes on and being with him is like being royalty. Jovanna was jealous that Josh and I were going steady.

She especially despised me when I would call him "Joshy". As I was walking towards my desk I overheard Jovanna make a comment that she was on facetime with Josh all night.

I had a sick feeling in my stomach, but my reaction was to throw a punch to her face. My fists were clenched so hard that that didn't feel that pain right away.

There was no stopping me now, the tigress was ready to defend what was hers. Everyone tried to stop me but could not.

The only thing that did was my fists hitting the ground causing immense pain radiating up my arm. Eventually we were separated and taken to the principal's office to receive our punishment.

On my way home from school I looked up at the sky and noticed what was once a bright clear sky had turned into a dark gloomy day.

Before Jovanna and I parted ways she growled the words, "you will pay for this".The rest of the day seemed like a blur and I was ready to go home and put my hand in ice.

As I was walking home I had this bad feeling and I was constantly looking over my shoulder. I am not sure what happened next but I blacked out. It was cold and dark.

The goosebumps on my arms gave me the biggest shiver of my life and it woke me up. I was propped on a chair with my hands bound behind my back and each leg attached to the legs of the chair.

The rope was so tight it was gripping on my skin and cutting off my circulation. There was a bright light pointed in my direction making me disoriented and unable to fully see the room I am in.

I began to panic as I came to the realization that I was kidnapped. Tears ran down my cheeks as my fate was now unknown.

My head was pounding from the hit I received that caused me to become unconscious.

Thoughts of my family and friends came to me at that moment and I decided that it will not be the end of me just yet.I heard heavy stumps coming down some stairs that I still could not see.

Finally he came into view, a large man with a receding hairline and crazy eyes."Finally you're awake!", he yelled as he came closer and grabbed my face.

I could feel his long fingernails cutting into my skin and a small droplet of blood run down my chin."You won't get away with this!", I mumbled as I tried to free myself from his grip.

He laughed as he released my face and licked the blood that was on his fingernails.

"You will never see the light of day again! Don't believe that anyone will come looking for you cause they will never find you!

" he said as he made his way back to the stairs and was out of sight.I began to frantically look for something sharp nearby where I could cut the rope.

It was really hard to move but I maneuvered myself to a corner of the room where I saw some tools laying around. To my dismay none of the tools available were sharp enough to cut the rope.

My heart sank but I was determined to find something to set me free. As I tried to move to another area I lost balance and fell on my side.

There on the floor laying right in front of me was a piece of glass, sharp enough to create some damage to this rope.

I twisted and turned like an acrobat and stretched my fingers as far as I could to reach the piece of glass. Finally I was able to reach it and cut the rope from my hands and feet.

I need to find something to defend myself with and escape my captor.I remembered there was a hammer among the tools previously seen.

I grabbed the hammer and placed it on the seat and sat on top of it. I planned to attack him when he least expected it.

I heard the heavy footsteps coming down the stairs, and I made sure to make it seem like I have not moved at all.

I was a bit hesitant about what I was about to do but if I wanted to live I would have to go through with my plans.

He came into view carrying a black bag with surgical instruments and meticulously placing them on a table nearby. As he was distracted I quietly stood up and held the hammer over my head.

Before he had the chance to look up I swung the hammer and smacked him right at the temple of his head.His lifeless body fell to the ground and I made a run for it up the stairs.

There were piles of trash everywhere but there was no time to look around.My heart was racing and I felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. I found the exit and ran out.

The bright sun blinded me and made me wonder how long I was in the dark.The shack was in the middle of nowhere but I could hear the sound of a passing car not far from where I was.

I followed the sound until I heard a loud "Hey!" behind me. The man had blood gushing from the wound I created and was running full speed towards me.

I was never a good runner but my life was now at stake so I ran as fast as I could. I was closer to my freedom when all of a sudden I fell. I tripped on the root of a tree and scraped my knees.

I got up with great difficulty and continued running towards the road. In a flash I made it to the side of the road.

I frantically wave my hands over my head feeling the cool breeze between my fingers. No one was stopping at the horrific sight of me drenched in blood.

All of sudden, like a miracle from heaven, an older couple in their 60's stepped in to help. The couple excited their vehicle and came toward me, but I passed out in the arms of the old man.

I felt warm tears running down my face as I ended my story. The count room was quiet, but I felt comfort in the warm glances of family and friends.

"This man deserves to be held accountable for his actions,"I said with confidence.

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