Queen of the skies
Queen of the skies dragon stories
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Long life can be too short.

Queen of the skies

It is my last winter.

For you, it’s little more than a breeze at the dawn of your life.

I feel my muscles growing weaker every day. You are growing stronger every year.

Oh, how I wish I wasn’t bound by this human body of mine. I could fly along my queen of the skies. Fly far beyond the clouds.

We never got to cross the sea like you wanted.

I am sorry for all the promises unfulfilled.

I remember it all, the good days and the bad, the beaches and the mountains.

I remember the king and his knights. Monster they called you. They could not understand a word you said.

You spared me from my lonely princess life.

Was it fate that we met? Or was it a curse?

We were so clearly made for another, yet so clearly not.

You filled my life with happiness, yet I can only fill a sliver of yours.

So I have a single wish.

Forget me and fly, my queen of the skies.

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