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Please review, I am not a writer per se, just write sometimes when I feel down.


To the monsters within and outside

You've been living inside me since I started thinking Making me anxious, killing my soul You scare me, withhold me My happiness is never permanent because you've made me doubt on myself so much that I question the good too You live inside me and each day, you destroy me.

To the ones outside.

We were friends, I confided in you Not that I am a great friend But yes, I trusted you. You took my fears and insecurities and you made fun of them You couldn't understand my awkwardness and for that I don't blame you because I myself don't understand it. You all decided to haunt me You took a chance and my lost friend, you successfully destroyed me.

To you both, despite you being the ones who haunt me, follow me and make me sad If I had not met you, I wouldn't have calculated each step of my life

Choosing only the ones who understand my complexities The ones who choose to stay by my side So thank you for destroying me, you make me stronger everyday as I continue to fight you, the devil inside and the masks outside.

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