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Maybe I did , Or is it still far out there

Unblocked ,

She sent me that follow request ,

well it's obvious i will take my sweet time to accept it and send one back so i waited till night and accepted and sent one back and i know how she spends her day whens she sleeps and when she wakes up

so i'm sure she was up and just waited for tomorrow to accept , which turned out that i was right after a while

I still remember her saying " i'm tough now " again and again and again like she is trying to prove something ,

but being honest i felt she was not okey ... yea she was not okey at all but at least she was trying..

we started talking about what happened on those months apart for me to discover someone entered her life and was draining her love and she was just getting more and more shattered ,

she was telling me about their dates about their daily lives about everything

It was painful to hear every word to the point i still remember them vividly ,

to this point i hate it well not as much as i used to because at one point every time i remember them my fist and teeth clench and my chest tightens and my mood does a 180 !

Still i had to be there for her whenever she cried and felt bad ,

every time i made her feel better she just goes to him feels shittier and i had to comfort her again till i'v had enough and started applying every effort and every word play i know to push

to hate him faster , still after all i cared for is for her to be well and as possessive as i am i could never see her outside my arms

i kept doing both comforting her and making her understand how stupid and dumb and out of her mind and how much of wrong choices she is making ! .

finally she got of the mud she was swimming in ..

even tho i felt happy i had a lot more to do , cuz she was sad , at some time even depressed yet i had to step up and give her even if it took every part of me

which i did , I comforted here 24/7 , but i knew damn well that she is worth my whole time and thoughts and care and love ! after all she is my daddy's little angel .

Again she was the cutest baby princess , the most beautiful little girl , the fluffiest baby kitten , and my favorite little munchie ! and for me she is number one in the entire universe ...

she was just so damn gorgeous that i can't take my eye off her green pretty sparkling eyes .

Still she was not being herself and was still on her feet yet ... I kept trying my best to help her even if it's a step at a time ..

i even pushed myself to act clownish to make her laugh , at least she laughed ... i kept complimenting her and making her repeat them till she believes them ...

I read her stories till she fell asleep and stay up for a couple hours more to make sure she is asleep , I even sang for her which was a first for me ...

I literally gave her my own ,

it was tough to some points i was too tired but i push myself a little more every time but by know u should already know that i'll tell you that if it's for her then it is worth it no doubt !

after all she is the cutest baby there is ...*knowing i said it several times* but that's the truth !

Finally the clouds are going away and her shining is coming back to make me warm ,

and her sparkle was back and i was the happiest there is and proud of her to get back on her feet again but knowing how tough she is , that's a given but i was so proud of her none the less

she bloomed again like the Lotus flower she is , prettier than ever and cuter than ever , even babier than ever .

Things between us started to bloom too as i felt her finally loving me back , as i felt that i promised myself to make her the happiest !!

and when i do as the goddess of the moon she is she could drive all my pain away

We were both in love and living the best life as i remembered how it is to live with colors again , and even better we are having our first date !

The date's day is here and i'm on my way to see her , a state away is nothing as long as i can see her !

well i made her wait for an hour which something i'm not proud of tbh but well i don't know the city so that's my excuse

Finally got there , but still can't see her ... Still looking for her ,

I get a text " I can see you , and u're short lol " the stupid little angel was teasing me and having a good laugh from afar , well she had me ,

when i see her i start walking fast so i can hug her not caring about the plan of walking slow and sexy so seduce her , it was all forgotten when i saw her angelic face !

We Hugged and every tiredness and exhaustion or worry i had faded away ! she was soft ...

smelled to good that i still remember how sweet it was ,

we sat down held hands and she kinda blushed so we kept chitchatting and having fun but i just loved teasing her so i kept making her blush and her face was reddish the whole day .

the rest of day went so fast but every minute of it was like heaven , touching her , just being with her was heaven ,

I'm not the kind to do such deed but i knew i had to do it because she is special and she deserves being treated like the princess she is , I held her both hand and kept caressing them,

and ordered her to look me back i the eyes , as i could see her face blushing ,

getting redder and redder as i asked her " Would u be mine " Even tho we started dating before but i had to make it special for her

Yet she responded teasingly "No while laughing to get me back for teasing her all day " I gave her a serious look and she instantly said " Yes i do " and she felt embarrassed but i so loved

it when her cute fully soft cheeks were pink

As every good story has an ending it was time to go back home , we were just standing there staring at each other as her train home was there !

she held me tighter as she did not want to go home yet and i so wanted to stay with her more but still was not on my side ...

still i held her tighter as i so wanted to see her even if it is for a bit more ...

the second one pass away even tho at that point i was in trouble i still was happy to be able to see my baby angel more !

if only we could just hold hands forever ... she had to go as i did staring at her from afar feeling a bit sad

On my way back home i could not take her off my mind ,

Still everything was getting better and better as our night talks got longer and longer and were filled with love and laughter and it was the part of the day i looked forward too !

She made me happy , no she made me the happiest , she made me feel it is okey open up to her ,

she gave me new feelings i never experienced with the lot of exes i had and she made me feel even better than my first love could have ever do .

I started showing her my soft side for her and i a lot of other sides i have ,

she even called me perfect and showing off her daddy to her friends saying how good to her and happy i make her feel and there was no better compliment i could receive than that !

It felt like i'v been granted Knighthood !

Days have passed and it started to feel different and my nose is never wrong !

it was distance ! that's how it felt because i know how it smells way too well ...

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