Unblock me and let's be toxic again
Unblock me and let's be toxic again  story stories

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Maybe If try harder

Unblock me and let's be toxic again

Before Anything , I am someone that has lost pleasure in things i do in life , u name it and it's correct , basically everything i once enjoyed doing . Still a mighty soul brimming with confidence as i faced every fear i have !

One summer i started using some dating app to look for someone i can at least fill some void with ,

I stumbled upon someone to be special and life changing , but that is to be discovered at a later time .

AcheLois was the name , The goddess of the moon "She who drives away pain" ... Well she is fit to be one , at least for me i saw the goddess in her , maybe she could drive my pain away .

Quite the tough task for someone when wakes up in pain and lives with it till i slumber on it !

Maybe i needed her or her , or as the nickname suggests " She who can drive away my pain " or i just needed therapy yet i'm too proud with way too much ego for just one person to bear .

She was what a lot of us call a soulmate as she just fit me like a piece of puzzle !

I'll contradict myself saying that we had our differences some that are against the society we live in yet she was tough to be herself and fight for her beliefs and accepted it

all wholeheartedly as i am not one to judge people .

She was just special ! *realizing i just talked about her a lot *

Things were going smooth and good as we talked everyday as i was getting attached to her without even noticing , by the time i'll notice that it will too late !

Close enough to know to treat her as the baby of mine she is or.... she was , after all that includes our love and sexual preferences that clicked since day one !

My baby and I spent days having best chitchats , that was the thing i look forward most every time i open my eyes "maybe i have something i can take pleasure in after all "

The day we were supposed to meet came after a long wait , she lives a state away which explains it took so long already

I bought myself a new outfit , i wash my car and have enough on me to buy her anything she might want even if she does not ask for , tomorrow is the day !!

Would be perfect if things went as they were supposed to mean but if you know life enough u'll have figured out by now that they will not as i get a text from her saying

something happened and she can't meet up , it was said yea but as months went by as i expected it was just an excuse ... Haha it was bad of an excuse after all .

Things kept going good as i comforted her about the fake problem ..

Days went by and it was time for my vacation and sadly the place i went to i could not use net as much so we did not talk much so i felt her slipping away from me ...

i felt so uncomfortable i decided to cut my vacation short to go home !

I sent her a text " I'm going home today little princess so i'll update on the road and call when i'm home !

Miss u af & i love you "

i did not get anything back and it kinda felt wrong so i stepped on it to get back home as soon as possible

got home met friends and relaxed and it was time to check up on her just to find myself BLOCKED

from every social media app i could contact her on ...

i sent her a text "At least tell me why "

no response...

days passed and i sent another text " Unblock me and let's be toxic again "

not gonna lie i thought it was cool and she would like it , maybe laugh and text me back .

it was disappointing to not get anything back

A month or two pass , as much as i remember from that time i was simply at rock bottom and i felt shittier than before and i drowned in whatever that could make me forget !

i had a really rough time and it felt like every day i spent with her that i felt good and happy just got back at me to bite me ! after all i loved her without even knowing that myself ...

one day i just woke up to find myself feeling better and got back on my feet and life goes on !

yet one night and u might have guessed it right already !

I got an IG follow request from a profile i would recognize no matter what !

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