She does not know
She does not know  her stories
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anesbenflis Community member
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If she only knew

She does not know

When she's had a really bad day, she may not feel as beautiful as she looks ... But there no one as beautiful as her

If she is feeling a bit unloved and unsure of herself ... I always like to remind her to never change because she is loved the ways he is , and the ways he is perfect !

If only she knew that she has the ability to make you smile , will make her feel good about herself cuz her smile is

dazzling .

Sometimes, we all get so wrapped up in our own problems, that we forget all about how important we are to other people , but i like to remind her how special of an angel she is .

Sometimes it really does take finding true love to make you give some meaning to life so I'd like to remind her how much she is treasured and valued and how much worth she has ...

cuz damn she is worth the universe an infinity fold !

If she really knew how she really is !! if she only took JUST ONE glance ! JUST A LITTLE GLANCE !

She would a beautiful ..graceful .. perfect angel one look from her is enough to melt you ...

If only she knew how i see her ! she would be the most confident woman to ever grace this earth Because she is !... and her tears are way too dear

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