The Things You Couldn’t Say...
The Things You Couldn’t Say... feelings stories

anemptypersona A ridiculously sober queer alchemist~
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Just some personal thoughts, maybe someone will relate~ Based on experience...

The Things You Couldn’t Say...

If you don’t love me, say you don’t love me.

If I didn't mean much to you, just tell me.

But if I really meant something to you, why couldn't you tell me so?

Why not tell me how you truly feel?

I’m sure I hurt you,

but I would do anything to atone.

I understand it’s all just a losing game, I clearly battled blind, and you were waiting to say your goodbyes.

I just wish you were honest enough to tell me,

You’ve lost all affection for me, It all withered away,

I wish those were the things you could say...

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