The Orange Moon
The Orange Moon moon stories

anemptypersona A ridiculously sober queer alchemist~
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Based on personal experience~ Inspired by Erykah Badu.

The Orange Moon

Implanted into the sand, the soft ambiance of the ocean waves, the softly painted gradience of a deep lilac sky,

and your soft gentle touch.

Holding me so tightly and so close, as if you were never to let me go.

This super-sensible sensation, so paralyzing, relieving me from all doubts indefinitely.

If only I could've looked into your incandescent eyes.

Then a flame arose in the night sky, just over the ocean.

A burning red moon, slowly rising above the horizon.

That orange moon reminded me so much of the two of us.

You, the sun.

And I, the orange moon.

So many nights, You stood abandoned.

Your light was just so bright, that they turned away.

But you turned to me.

You saw your reflection in me, as I smiled at you.

I shine so brightly,

cause I reflect your light.

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