But are we really human?
But are we really human? thoughts stories

anemptypersona A ridiculously sober queer alchemist~
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We're a species known as humans (Homo sapiens), however, in the context of having humanity, are we really all that human?... My humanist perspective.

But are we really human?

Let me ask you this simple question...

Are we really human?

No, not as a species

but in the sense of humanity.

When our instinctual behaviors are so dangerous, our impulsions so harmful, our minds so dark and polluted, our desires so destructively hedonistic, our hearts so charred and consumed with hate, and our souls withered.

When lives are expendable, motives political, and our awareness solely to the materialistic world. The consensus to have a purpose for the superficial. An existence filled with turmoil and suffering if you happen to be somewhere on the outside.

How can we so trivially, so easily, so effortlessly, so calmly, so simply, so inconsiderably, so certainly, so precisely, so confidently, so decisively, so readily, so inhumanly,

Take someone's life...

Even though we're born innocent. The world will desensitize you, you will be numb from the trauma of just living this life.

With so much intelligence, advancements beyond any other species, how come we stray so far from our humanity? How have we become so cancerous to the Earth?

Our history as a species is disturbing, visceral. The atrocities that humans have committed, and the systems that were created to divide and damage us.

What is our existence for? Long after our extinction, no matter how much we scathe the Earth, it will recover and sustain without us. We will just be a stain on the end of the garment.

If you look deep under our facade,

there just might be an evil lying dormant.

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