Across the Stars: Chapter Two (Teaser)
Across the Stars: Chapter Two (Teaser) reylo stories

andyjanel Community member
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Authors Note: This is not the completed draft of Chapter Two. Honestly, I just wanted to post a bit of a teaser. However, Chapter Two is almost done so the completed chapter should be posted soon!
As you can see, this chapter is from Kylo's perspective so be prepared for a lot of raging and angst ;)
I hope you enjoy the teaser, please let me know your thoughts!

Across the Stars: Chapter Two (Teaser)

Chapter Two: Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.

Rage. All he could remember feeling was pure uncontainable rage. Rage at losing to the rebels, rage at losing to Luke, and rage at losing...her.

It had been months since he had last time seen her. Their Force connection had diminished after their nonverbal exchange on Crait. He knew Rey not only closed the door to the ship but also on him.

The realization of  Rey shutting him out caused him to finally break. The rage he had previously felt soon evolved into something he could not explain.

Pain, betrayal, anger… all these emotions were mixed together and amplified by a hundred and it soon became something he had never felt before; he just didn’t understand why.

The girl was nothing more than a scavenger yet she has such a hold on him. Why. He just wanted to know WHY!

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