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Our Love Poem

Our Love Poem

I was once A young girl in Venice Who stole rides on the gold plated gondolas of aristocrats with rubies and gold trimmed curtains that hid away your face from peasant girls like me

I carved your Venetian mask with the sharpening knife I once used in Ancient Greece To split the olives when feasting underneath the trees While listening to you sing outside your window

Careful to keep my robes clean while I stepped out of my carriage in London On Notting Hill to visit my favorite book store Where you worked on the foggiest of English mornings

You were my favorite book to read and I almost had you there In between the aisles of fairytales

That fog came from my Pagan ancestors Who conjured up the mist that rolled into Pompeii right before the volcano erupted And I huddled with you as we waited to die

And wake up As two western teenagers Awkwardly holding each other's hands On our first date

That turned into our last When I finally had you

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