My Journey Has Begun
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My journey has begun with a promise

My Journey Has Begun

My journey has just begun.

It started with a tragedy within my family and a promise I knew I had to keep.

I had always thought I wasn't good enough for this journey, but I knew I had to keep my promise to the loved one who passed away.

I felt so unsure that I wanted to give up on this self-discovery journey, but I noticed the younger generations were watching me. I became brave for them.

I failed several times, and every time I wanted to call it quits, someone always reminded me why I'm on this journey.

I didn't stop; I kept on pushing forward even when my inner demons said, "I should give it up.

" But I just kept moving forward, and I soon discovered I am stronger than my demons, who had consumed me most of my life.

Then another tragedy struck my family once again, I felt downhearted, but I knew I must press forward, knowing my two angels were watching over me. I discovered I'm resilient and driven.

And with every step I take and every boulder set in my way. I managed to overcome and keep pressing forward with God's help.

I know my angels in Heaven are always watching over me and cheering me on.

I have encountered good and the bad along the journey, but somehow I managed to keep it ongoing. I took the responsibility of helping to take care of a loved one.

I didn't do much, but I helped where I can.

Then that loved one passed away, my heart shattered, but of course, I didn't share this with anyone. I blamed myself for leaving and not being there more for this beloved one.

I wanted to pack up and run away because I felt guilty.

A friend talked me out of leaving, and so I stayed, and I built myself back up.

My younger siblings have no idea what I was feeling or going through because I didn't know how to tell them, but if any of them read my poem, then they will understand.

I dedicated myself to my journey, although I can't say the road was smooth. I still had a lot of boulders and trials, but somehow I always powered through them.

It doesn't mean I never cried whenever I felt helpless. My younger siblings and friends still came through when my inner demons came forward to cloud my mind.

I met one of my goals, and I have other goals to conquer. So as you all can see, my journey has begun, and whatever other challenges come my way.

I will power through them like I have all my life.

I'm not done yet, and I'll make it happen.

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