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im trying to get back into it. anything is appreciated :3


Hear the pitter-patter of rain against my window

A soothing beat of drops on a pane

The distant chitter-chatter of the television next door

A whisper through the wall

Mumbling a soft murmur of bliss

An utterance of a memory long gone

A day spent lying in the damp sun on a Sunday afternoon

An eye drifting to unconsciousness; the bliss of warm sleep

A disregard for time, an innocence that has been framed

The calm wave of bliss is no more

Instead, a future caught in the wake of pain.

Pain that grasps you by the ankles,

Pain that starts with a kiss.

A feeling that is seeped into your core like blood on white threads

One that you could dismiss,

Perhaps a perverted illusion that you can not understand

A touch moving down; one you wonder if you feel

A confusion of a frantic mind that has you bound in chains

And you say to yourself, illusion is not real

A feeling, a memory, and illusion,

I can not tell if it is an illusion at all

Andrew W.


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