I just want to be emotionless
I just want to be emotionless poetry stories

andrewprecious Community member
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A dark sad poem about my life.

I just want to be emotionless

I just want to be emotionless

Another night alone

My self image is breaking down

My self esteem is breaking down

My desires are numerous

Both physical,emotional and psychological

I want someone,I want help

Should I see a psychiatrist?

I live & walk alone

I feel as if people hate me

Maybe be false but the thoughts still lingers

God help me!

I want to emotionless but I doubt tis possible

No man is an island so I was told

I have so much I want to achieve,It aches me

I've planned my whole year in a book.

Increase my technical & language skills

But what about my emotional side?

I feel it affecting my body,stomach pains

But what can be done?

I live & walk alone

I've lost so many people

some I have pushed away,not really wanting them to leave

But to understand and be patient with me

people tell me I inspire them to work hard and be great

If they only knew how broken of a man I am

I know I have accomplished more than others,I have proved it

But a broken mind and heart never rest

I live & walk alone

for how long will this continue,until I have a mental breakdown...

I'm shy and afraid to reveal myself to anyone

People have proven to be untrustworthy shits

I only trust a few

Sex ?,I don't care about that,let them be the fornicators they are

I've always wanted to be different,to NOT conform to the patterns of this world

Tis so difficult,years have gone by so fast...

I miss everyone

I live & walk alone

I have 2 mums and 2 dads,I'm not yet ready to talk about this

I have so many painful and vivid childhood memories

I was bullied,blamed and accused of so much

I still remember the names of my bullies,Peter maina & John Gichure

I now hate being weak as a result

I now want to be strong,to fight,own weapons...I have a tactical blade on my bed's headrest

I had anger issues,I wanted to have friends,And I did. Thank you Marcus,Fidel & Gleen

Though you may not read this,Thank you so much

I guess I needed to direct my emotions somewhere,poetry will do for now.

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