Such Is Life - 2004 Contest

Such Is Life - 2004 Contest stories

andrewmayerCommunity member
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I wrote this poem for a contest and it was published in a poetry book 'Tracing the infinite' in 2004

Such Is Life - 2004 Contest

Life's a game I long to win,

Take advice right on the chin.

I'll guess the problems I may face,

But come in first to win the race.

I like the way you'll never learn,

'Til down in Hell you start to burn.

For all the things you always missed,

For the stupid girl you went and kissed.

I apologised once, and once again,

I even had a talk to your boyfriend, Ben?

But how I regret what I've done wrong,

I am yet to realise where I belong.

I just hope that I haven't gone too far,

To say goodbye, and au revoir.

I need to leave it all behind,

Forget it all and clear my mind.

But one thing that I'll say to you,

Think of your actions and what you do.

I've been in trouble, I've been in strife.

But all I'll say is "Such Is Life".

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