Continuation of Self Realisation - 2008 Language Warning

Continuation of Self Realisation - 2008 Language Warning stories

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More self realisation and life reflection from 2008.

Continuation of Self Realisation - 2008 Language Warning

The once vibrant life of this child now withers toward damnation with every breath.

Slowly but surely his time will come to an end.

Whether it be a long glorious death or a sweet and effective fucking train wreck, there must be a way around it.

Depressing images fill my brain now. Are these real or something else?

Is my brain making a forgery of my life... A remote duplicate it can add to and destroy when it chooses to?

Fuck that! If it want's me it can fight me!

Mind versus me, Body versus soul.

Heart felt desire with the strength of the human spirit against a common thought.

A wrinkled organ of grey matter that has holidayed in twenty one long fucking years.

"Pussy" the boy had called me at school, I remember now. I drove my fist into his face a couple of times before opening his locker door, using his face as a battering ram.

"Useless" I was called by a violent teacher from my past, It seems I have proven him right.

Sure I have had spurts of happiness, only to be brought back down by the endless supply of effluent being thrown at me.

I guess that is why I have a make believe me. One that is too successful, or is such a badass he has a fucking good reason not to be an entrepreneur.

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