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andrew0502 Community member
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A little story

No Sleep ..

I can't sleep at all , its 04:42 in the morning and.. i have a feeling that doesn't let me sleep. I'm thinking to much at the past and all the mistakes i've made..

i know that :

i have disappointed to many people around me

I always try to be helpful to someone and that person rejects me like i'm a piece of shit

I lose my fucking mind when someone lies to me

I don't know in who i'm trusting anymore

. . . But the sun rise, and all the feelings are gone, like i have no soul in my body. I like that feeling, it's a part of me, i'm addicted to it.

At night , the monsters are coming, the bad thoughts walk in my head like a girl who walks in a spring flowery park, with joy and with a scope : to let it be.

My thoughts never appear after the sunrise. Maybe they are afraid to lost in the someone else head.

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