Stop Saying "Touch Base"
Stop Saying "Touch Base" stories

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Can't escape the jargon in your office? Need someone to gripe to?
I've been there too. Let me buy you a coffee.

For more rants about bad business practices (and RTs of dog pics), follow me here:

Stop Saying "Touch Base"

Why office jargon is toxic by Andrew So

Touch base is vague

Every meeting should have a goal. A purpose. Something actionable that's decided upon.

It takes energy to translate

Every time you use office jargon, both you and the listener have to translate it in your heads. Communication is already one of the hardest parts of business. Why make it harder?

The problem is much deeper than jargon

It's the mindset that "this is what businesses do"

Rather than asking "What's the best process for our business?"

Jargon is a sign of bad processes

Reports that no one reads. Crowded meetings where nothing gets accomplished. Useless emails. Rolls of red tape.

Instead of talking like a "business person"

Talk like a human

Use normal words. You don't say "touch base" to your friends and loved ones do you? (I hope not)

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