In defense of #HackAHairDryer
In defense of #HackAHairDryer stories

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IBM's recent campaign has drawn strong criticism. But you gotta hear both sides.

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In defense of #HackAHairDryer

Why I support IBM's campaign to get girls into science


The project: Find innovative ways to use a hair dryer other than its intended purpose

Women's reactions?

Why a hair dryer?

Why patronize girls' ability to innovate by using a "girly" object?

Every girl has one

(Almost) Which means girls can participate in the challenge without buying extra tools or materials. And that means girls from low-income families can participate too

It's replaceable

Disassemble it. Rework the casing. Play with the wires. You can always buy a new hair dryer for $20

It's the MVP (minimum viable product)

Try to think of a simpler, cheaper electric object that's used everyday

Best of all...

It changes the purpose of the hair dryer

Before, a hair dryer was used to maintain girls' appearance. Its purpose was to care for their outward beauty

It changes how girls view objects and themselves

Now when girls see a hair dryer, they'll not only see a beauty product. They'll see a tool or set of components. Plus...

They'll start to see themselves as Builders.




Women that can change the world.

I'd love to hear what think

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