Shooting stars
Shooting stars   

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andrew-goodwin Once more into this moment
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Shooting stars

When I look at the world Tonight One whisper lingers On the tip of my heart To plunge Into all depths Of mystery Not to be forgotten But found Threw the everlasting secret Binds to this whisper

To be unlocked For its secret remains Threw the clouds into All time Vast scape Of souls in the sky That Brighten the night Remind us of love For the brightest star

leads us to the path Entwined In all movements we take Each step Threw the rhythm of our heart To find You In not so distant time or place For this whisper So fragile For I wish upon all falling souls May the secret be kept with You

For I whisper I love you For I fall from all to see Fall for you When your heart asked you To gaze One look Found me That shooting star Only for you to see When I wait beneath the world Tonight Shooting stars


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